Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finally, I'm human again...

Some women experience morning sickness around weeks seven and eight. Maybe sooner...maybe later...Or if you are a direct descendant of luck, you don't experience morning sickness (or the like) at all! But, because I am not so lucky, I was plagued with intense nausea and vomiting the same week the pregnancy test came back positive - week five. (Guess you take the good with the bad, right?)

My days seemed impossible: Wake up, want to vomit, lie down, shower (with the door open otherwise I would get dizzy), get out of shower, lie down (because of said dizziness), want to vomit, struggle to get up, get ready, lie down, and fumble my way through the work day. People would walk by me and look at me strangely, not surprisingly since I looked pale white and glowered at them. (I consider this early pregnancy glow...) Morning sickness and vomiting hit me the worst at night. The symptoms seemed to intensify as the day progressed, so by the time I got home, I was in serious discomfort. I spent most evenings doubled over the toilet while my husband watched T.V. or played video games. Ah, don't you love the support? By the way: Morning sickness is an extreme reality, it can happen all day - morning, noon, and night so the bozo who coined the term was probably a man who has ZERO experience with the truth.

Go figure...

Eventually the morning sickness subsided. At week 15, I am noticing major relief. The nausea comes and goes but, thankfully, it's manageable and I can spend my life outside the bathroom. Yeah for small blessings!

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