Sunday, June 26, 2011

Documenting week 16 and welcoming week 17

I am making the commitment to take weekly pictures of my growing body. I know that if I don't, I will regret it later on despite the fact that my belly is not the only thing growing (thanks arms, legs, derrière and now my forehead looks suspiciously wider...) Anyway, I am also formally assigning Jessica to take these pictures since she seems to do 'some kind of work' to them. :-) 

So here I am marking my final day in week 16. The shirt I wore was very blousy; my belly is actually bigger than it looks in this picture. 

Pics of week 17 (how far along I am today) to come in a few days. Blood work tomorrow and then my monthly check-up with Dr. Bischof on Thursday. Gender discovery next week...countdown is ON!

Week 16...someone get this girl some spray tan. Wait, is that safe during pregnancy?

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  1. I hate when people try and push you into doing something just because they do it and they think it's the best. Don't fall for it! Do whatever YOU feel is the best for your baby!