About Me...

My name is Mireille (pronounced me-ray for those who didn't take French and don't know that the double "LL" in a name when followed by the letters "E" and "I" are silent. Think "Marseilles...") Okay that's enough lecturing. Clearly the proper pronunciation of my name has been and continues to be a sensitive subject!

Back to my statistics...

I am 31 years old and work in Corporate Communications for a large company. I am originally from South Florida (West Palm Beach area) and am first-generation Middle Eastern - American. I moved to the greater Orlando area after high school. Fast forward 14 years later, I am still in Orlando and about to embark on the greatest journey imaginable. Luckily I have my husband, Joe, alongside for the ride. 

I met Joe on a small website called match.com. You may have heard of it? Anyway, after three years of togetherness, we made it official and got married in May 2009. We had a lovely wedding in Orlando surrounded by family and friends and concluded the festivities with a honeymoon to the Dominican Republic. In reality, you can call it the honeymoon from hell...literally...but that's content for another blog. (Note to those with a sensitive stomach: Just don't eat or drink when traveling outside the United States. Ever. And if you can avoid visiting the local hospital with nurses and doctors who elect not to wear gloves while examining you, do it.)

So I work for Corporate America (insert your own opinions here) and Joe is a full-time college professor at UCF. He teaches music and his instrument is the piano. Ah ladies, I know what you're thinking: "Wow - what a romantic guy! He must play for you all day long!" <Sigh>. Not exactly. While he does bear a romantic and refined side, he also likes to hunt. He doesn't kill our meat for dinner (we shop at Publix for that thank you very much), but he does have a rough, woodsy, "redneck" side. A true dichotomy if you will. But, as they say, opposites do attract...for here I am, a soft-spoken non-meat eater (well, no red meat or pork) married to a hunter with a booming voice - love you babe!

Joe and I at our favorite place...EPCOT!
And now the piano-playing hunter and the semi-vegetarian brunette (who will forever avoid traveling to third-world countries) are expecting. I am 15 weeks along and my due date is December 3rd. While the pregnancy came as a shock, we couldn't be more thrilled. Both of us have always wanted kids and while we may have had our own timeline for when kids would come into the picture, God had a different plan for us entirely. :-)