Thursday, June 6, 2013

Aaaaaand...we're back!

Faithful followers (if anyone still remains) - I decided today that my little blog has lain fallow far too long, and it's high time I share with you a few updates on dear, sweet Julian who is 18 months old if you can believe. 

I remain puzzled by how quickly the minutes, days, weeks and months have passed since having a child. Time seemingly sat still when I was younger - I'm sure most of you can attest. Now that we are older and life is more precious, time escapes us, robbing us like a thief. Some days I look at Julian and wonder where my little, squishy baby has gone. Seems like just yesterday Joe and I came home from the hospital, shrugged our shoulders with what to do with him first and prayed we wouldn't drop him. I look back at the first few weeks of his life and with a nostalgic smile, recall the sheer bliss of cradling my baby. As sleep-deprived, disoriented and bedraggled as we were, I do miss parts of those early days. To clarify, I don't miss the midnight feedings and getting three hours of sleep each night - no way. Today when I 'try' to cradle him, it looks ridiculous! I can barely hold him; he is too large to be cradled and is too busy trying to wriggle out of my hold (the escape artist that he is). I wish I could hit pause and slow life down... I really hope the next post I publish is before his 18th birthday.

So here we are with Julian: the 18-month old loving, charming, sweet and kind one whom we adore. You're walking, 'talking', learning to swim, 'reading', singing and continuing to enrich our lives in unimaginable ways. You make us better people.

Since the last time I posted, Julian started walking; received his first haircut; discovered basketball (he loves to score baskets - what a boy! Joe is so proud lol) and said goodbye to his pacifier early on without ever looking back. He weighs 26 pounds and stands tall at 33 inches; proudly boasts close to 11 teeth with incisors coming through; loves bath time and brushing his teeth (we even have a song: "Brush, brush, brush let's brush our teeth!"); plays the piano with Joe; understands words in English, Arabic and a few in French. He also met Mickey Mouse and was enchanted by Cinderella's castle; loves kale (but not quinoa); has made friends and broken a few hearts (lots of girls in music class to choose from); he is social and relishes being in the spotlight; he loves car rides to nowhere; jumps for joy when he sees 'maa' (mommies) and 'baaaa' (daddies); when asked, points to his ears, nose, feet and CEILING FANS (don't ask - he is mesmerized by them!) among other things. He loves to clap and play peek-a-boo and if you tell him "bye-bye" he immediately goes into his closet and picks up a pair of shoes (so practical that boy).  

Love you Julian.

Loves swinging at the park!

First haircut!

Discovering the pool for the first time. He was frightened at first but that quickly changed.
Loves the Adirondack chair at the doctor's office!


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