Sunday, August 28, 2011

Labor and Delivery 101

Joe and I attended a Labor and Delivery class yesterday held by two charge nurses at Winnie Palmer called newmom2b. The course was an all day event. We were introduced to the different stages of labor, how to identify true labor pains versus false labor pains, pain relief medications, which by the way am reassured to know Winnie Palmer has a 24/7 anesthesia department so there will ALWAYS be access to an epidural - YEAH! They also explained vaginal delivery versus a Cesarean delivery and reasons why a doctor will call to have the latter. We learned different breathing techniques: 'Breathe in, 2, 3, 4...breathe out 2, 3, 4.' This is the method I prefer because it uses diaphragmatic breathing versus the shallow type of breathing: 'Hee hee, ho ho.' 

At the start of the class, we were asked to go around the room, sharing our different fears. Joe said he doesn't have any except the delivery. WHAT? What do YOUUUU have to do during the delivery process my dear hubby? I'm the one who has to push a baby out of a 10cm hole thankyouverymuch. I actually said "What about delivery are YOU afraid of?" in front of the class. What on earth could frighten him. I on the other hand have a very valid reason to be terrified of D-Day. I know when the time comes, I think I will handle it okay, but it's the build-up/anticipation leading up to the moment of, "Honey, we need to go to the hospital NOW." I pray I have an easy delivery and Baby Boy G comes out healthy and safe. No complications, please.

All in all, it was a good class. Very informative and I feel more at ease with understanding the labor and delivery process. Our next class is Basic Infant Care and Post-Natal Breastfeeding. We're getting ready for you, baby!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shy guy or exhibitionist?

After realizing how delinquent I've been with posts, I've decided to add a few more 3D pictures from our 3D/4D ultrasound a few weeks ago. You saw some pictures already in my post "A New View on this [Growing] Life" but I thought I would add a few more. Our next 3D/4D ultrasound is on September 10th so we'll get a new batch of images then! I can't wait to see him! Until then, you decide if Baby Boy G is demonstrating early signs of being shy or an exhibitionist.

Shy question!   

Sleepy time

Proof that my uterus is a punching bag    

Hiding from the camera...he's definitely going to be a shy guy!

Pregnant Woman's Prayer

Dear God,

For the remainder of my pregnancy, give me the wisdom, common sense and strength to refrain from worrying about everything I touch, smell or come into contact with that is not grade A pregnancy certified. 

For example:

1. If I lick an envelope, please don't let me think I am automatically ingesting chemicals that will cause harm to the baby. 

2. If I pass by a group of smokers, please deflect my thoughts in thinking it will cause lung damage to the baby. 

3. If I accidentally grab a straw with the same hand that just wiped down the kitchen counter tops with Lysol wipes, please don't let me think any lingering chemicals on my hand will transfer to the straw and harm the baby when it enters my mouth. 

4. If I suddenly slam on the brakes, please don't allow me to think I am rupturing my uterus or ripping anything inside.

5. If I ingest watermelon seeds, please instill the foresight to realize IT IS OKAY.

6. If I drink one too many cups of iced tea (unsweetened!), please provide me with the quick realization that it won't constrict blood flow to the baby.

7. If I wake up and find myself sleeping on my back, please keep me from panicking and allow me to realize it will not have adverse effects on the baby.

8. Finally, PLEASE enable me to enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy without the pesky worries that creep into my mind. I am finally at a point where being pregnant feels good (minus the insensitive comments I get from the public). I only want to think calming, positive thoughts and relish every minute of this precious time in my life.


Under Attack

I know it's been awhile since I've posted on my blog. A few faithful followers have asked about my disappearing act (so nice of you to care!) The truth is I have been extremely busy with work (damn shame I actually have to work and can't blog all day) and preoccupied with some other things that don't need to be discussed in this forum. But rest assured, everything is fine. Really! 

So let me brief you on my current vitals...

I am currently 25 weeks along. I had my monthly check-up yesterday and all is progressing wonderfully! I heard the heartbeat and based on the location of the heart, the doctor guessed Baby Boy G was head down with his feet dangling in the upper left quadrant of my uterus. He is also kicking up a storm inside - literally - as I now feel very strong fetal movements, somersaults, belly dancing, kickboxing and much much more. His intervals of activity seem to happen mostly at night. I am truly amazed when I see my stomach squirming and twitching and can only assume it is him changing positions or at least trying to get comfortable (don't forget baby, I have a spacious uterus, so go ahead, make yourself at home!) I have two weeks to go in my second trimester if you can believe it. I certainly can't. Seems like just yesterday I was praying on my knees, head down in the toilet, hoping the nausea and vomiting would end. Now here we are...just 15 weeks to go. The next big 'to-do' is to get screened for gestational diabetes. Most women pass the initial screening and don't have to undergo the actual testing. Let's hope all goes well with my screening...will update everyone once that happens.

And while my uterus is under attack by a growing fetus who thinks his place of residence is also a punching bag, my physical body is also under attack by the vocal public. I cannot begin to tell you how many people think it is perfectly okay to comment on my growing size. "Wow, you're six months? You're BIG!" Excuse me? When is it EVER okay to use the word BIG to a woman? Pregnant or not. I didn't ask you how I looked; I didn't request that you comment on my expanding waistline. So, shut it. It just happened now at work. I was walking to the bathroom for the sixth time today only to fall victim to my cube mate (not Jessica - she wouldn't dare!) who said, "Wow you are getting bigger every day." In a very disapproving voice, I said, "Yeah, thanks." She quickly fired back to say, "Oh but you look so cute." Bull s___. Just keep walking and I'll pretend you're not an insensitive moron! Ah, motherhood has already brought out the best in me. :-)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A New View on This [Growing] Life

Yesterday, Joe and I had our very first 3D and 4D ultrasound session at Prenatal Impressions in Orlando. They are one of the few imaging centers that offers a look at your baby in utero via advanced 3D and 4D technology. Traditional ultrasounds provide only a 2D glimpse; 4D is showing real time action (video) of the baby and 3D is the still shot taken from any 4D footage. The technician - Tony - whom by the way is also the operations manager is FANTASTIC. Rather than giving us the 15-minute planned session, he captured at least 25 minutes of footage for us. He also confirmed the sex of the baby (which we did not tell him we knew). Don't you love the emphasis he placed on the anatomy? (Only a guy would do this I believe lol.)

Tony said Baby Boy G was very ACTIVE, moving all throughout my 'perfect uterus'. Well that's a line I've never heard before. Evidently, I have a spacious uterus with a posterior placenta, meaning Baby Boy G's accommodations for the next few months are quite comfortable! Good to know. I couldn't feel much activity despite what I was seeing on the large monitor (perhaps because of my spacious uterus). He was squirming, flipping around, turning his body, doing somersaults (fetus style) but ended the show completely camera shy, by shifting his back toward us and facing my back. I guess he knew we were watching him!

It was such an incredible experience to see this growing life looking more and more human and demonstrating human-like behavior. He was covering his face, scratching his face, moving his lips. It's always exciting to do an ultrasound, so I can check up on him and see how he is doing. But this version provided us a whole new glimpse into this growing miracle. 

We can't wait to meet you Baby Boy G (I promise we'll have a name for you soon), but please stay safe and sound in my perfect uterus until December. We don't want you to come into this world until you are ready, which will hopefully be on or after December 3rd.

Mom and Dad

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Confessions of a Pregnant Woman

There is nothing more voracious than the appetite of a pregnant woman. Forget about eating for two, most of the time I feel like my appetite is like a bottomless pit, feeding an army of boys. 

I used to come home and tell Joe about my day. Now I find myself 'confessing' what I ate.

"I had a doughnut this morning."

"I ate six cookies."

"I packed my lunch but was still hungry so I went to Firehouse Subs for a second meal."

"I've been eating all day. What's for dinner?"

He looks at me, shrugs his shoulders, and goes back to whatever he was doing. (Smart man for refraining from spewing any sarcasm comments about my growing appetite and waistline!)

I guess I'm just not used to eating such a high volume of food (don't get me wrong: I LOVE FOOD. I LOVE TO EAT GOOD FOOD. I CONSIDER GOOD FOOD ONE OF LIFE'S BLESSINGS AND HAVE ALWAYS HAD A HEALTHY APPETITE.) But now, this strange new vengeance to eat all the time consumes my mind as much as researching car seats and planning for baby does. I've always heard that pregnant woman have hearty appetites (and a universal craving for doughnuts - Jess!) but now this notion has become my reality and I just don't know what to do with myself (other than eat, of course!!!) 

Oh well. It's all part of the process. I'll deal with the aftermath of my pregnancy eating after I have the baby. 

Until then, what's for dinner?