Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pregnant Woman's Prayer

Dear God,

For the remainder of my pregnancy, give me the wisdom, common sense and strength to refrain from worrying about everything I touch, smell or come into contact with that is not grade A pregnancy certified. 

For example:

1. If I lick an envelope, please don't let me think I am automatically ingesting chemicals that will cause harm to the baby. 

2. If I pass by a group of smokers, please deflect my thoughts in thinking it will cause lung damage to the baby. 

3. If I accidentally grab a straw with the same hand that just wiped down the kitchen counter tops with Lysol wipes, please don't let me think any lingering chemicals on my hand will transfer to the straw and harm the baby when it enters my mouth. 

4. If I suddenly slam on the brakes, please don't allow me to think I am rupturing my uterus or ripping anything inside.

5. If I ingest watermelon seeds, please instill the foresight to realize IT IS OKAY.

6. If I drink one too many cups of iced tea (unsweetened!), please provide me with the quick realization that it won't constrict blood flow to the baby.

7. If I wake up and find myself sleeping on my back, please keep me from panicking and allow me to realize it will not have adverse effects on the baby.

8. Finally, PLEASE enable me to enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy without the pesky worries that creep into my mind. I am finally at a point where being pregnant feels good (minus the insensitive comments I get from the public). I only want to think calming, positive thoughts and relish every minute of this precious time in my life.


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