Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Julian the 10-Month Old!

Dear friends and family who dutifully follow our blog despite the infrequent posts these days:

Thanks for continuing to check back for updates and ask how Julian is doing. Life is - as you all can relate - C.R.A.Z.Y. I wish I had time to blog daily about Julian and what's happening in our world, but reality does not allow such luxuries. Plus you probably don't want daily updates on the mundane - just the significant highlights, so here we go... Grab a tissue, people, our little one is growing too quickly!

*First major highlight: Julian is STANDING! He started standing up at around nine months. I walked in to his nursery one afternoon after his nap, and there he was STANDING and gnawing on his crib rail. I ran to get my phone, and this is what I was able to capture. Tissue with you? Okay good. I had to edit the video; the original version was too long to upload.

*Our boy is also crawling! He was doing the army crawl (crawling on his belly) up until a few weeks ago; now he is a full-fledged crawler. We have baby-proofed our living room, which also doubles as his playroom (for now).

*He loves to eat. Eat what you ask? Just about anything although quinoa is pushing it. I just introduced yogurt to his breakfast routine, and so far so good! Here he is attempting to eat his bowl. Eat away honey, the bowl is BPA-free. Lol.

*At his nine-month appointment, our little one weighed 23 pounds, landing him in the 70th percentile for weight and 29 inches (82% percentile). 

Playing in my PJs!

*We've moved him out of his infant car seat and into a rear-facing convertible. Poor little guy was squished in his infant car seat, which technically should have lasted him until his 1st birthday but see percentiles above for explanation.

Big boy car seat

*On July 7th, we baptized our little prince at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Apopka. Godparents Annie Gennaro and Miguel Valecillos took part in the celebration, promising to watch over Julian.

*Julian and I went on our first ROAD TRIP to visit his nana (my mom). We also stopped in Miami for a quick day-visit to see titi CP and tio/padrino Miguel.

With grandma!

Titi and tio

Julian loves playing with tio Miguel!

With titi CP!

And now for the best part...Julian LAUGHING! He is such a happy baby. The silliest game or form of interaction sends him into a fit of giggles. Here are some heart-melting moments caught on camera:

Swim time = happy time!
"I got this, Mom, I got this!"
Fun with daddy!

At the park!

Self-portrait albeit a little dark

Until next time my faithful followers, which will likely be once Julian heads to college. Just kidding. I hope.


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