Friday, June 17, 2011

Au revoir, week 15

To commemorate my final day in week 15, I've asked Jessica - a dear friend, coworker, cube mate, lunch buddy, designer extraordinaire (who also is a wiz with photo enhancing and *MAYBE* did some tweaking to the following pic) and Mom to the world's most adorable little girl, Isla (pronounced eye-la...another lesson in pronunciation!), to take my picture (during our lunch break, of course!) This is actually my first pregnancy picture...Funny how I suddenly have an aversion to the camera. 

Snapshot at 15 weeks...don't mind the industrial looking space. Hey, we're at work!

So there it is...the infamous belly. Unlike other pregnant women who seem only to gain an enviable few pounds in their midsection during this glorious period, the rest of my body (arms, legs, derrière) have also plumped up to show their solidarity. Aw, thanks arms and legs! You too, derrière!

Side story: I recently went shopping for maternity clothes, and as I was standing in front of the mirror outside the fitting room BARELY able to fit into an oversized medium top, another pregnant girl in the room next to me walked out in what looked like a spandex dress and said to her husband: "I think I need an extra small in this." I had no problems showing my disgust with an eye-roll and a loud scoff as I dragged my oversized self back to the fitting room and softly asked the sales rep for a large in whatever I had struggled to get into. The skinny b*tch probably has other more serious flaws like back acne, six toes and chronic gas. At least I hope.


  1. Your dressing room story is so funny!! You look beautiful!

  2. Too funny! If it makes you feel any better I was buying maternity clothes at 3 months and was never in a Small.

  3. U look soooo prettyyyyy, Glod Bless you two ;)
    And dont feel bad you look gorgeous, and if you ever look at my prego pics don't be scare, is just me...I grow big ;)