Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well most of my followers know by now that Baby G is no longer without gender, and in fact Baby G is a BOY! I will be honest and say I was completely shocked to hear this since the last technician had assured me it was a GIRL weeks ago. (Yes, I was told it was a GIRL at first. Who knew the anatomy of both could look very similar at this gestational age.) So, for the last few weeks, we had been working under the quiet assumption that we were having a little girl. We chose a name (a very beautiful French name - which, unlike mine - was actually easy to pronounce), I had mentally designed the nursery and even started buying a few girly items here and there (I couldn't help myself.) Joe was also planning on purchasing a UCF cheerleader's uniform for our baby girl (insert collective awwww...) And in all honesty, I felt comfortable with the idea of raising a little girl. I knew it would be something that would come naturally to me, and I wouldn't be intimidated. 

I am in the process of readjusting my mode of thinking, and I will admit it has been a challenge. But once again, God had a different plan for us and a baby is a blessing regardless of gender.

Everyone keeps playfully telling me it's better to have a boy first so that he can protect his baby sister once she comes along. (I do like the idea of having a big brother keeping a little princess safe.) Plus, I also like knowing I will always have a small advocate who will love me just a little more than his father. :-) So here I am...changing gears...changing mindsets...and nursery colors!...and going from thoughts of ear piercings to reading about circumcisions. And what was once my biggest fear of being overruled in a house full of testosterone has come to pass. But Joe and Joe Jr. beware: I'm a tough gal and I will manage just fine!

I was touched to find a small gift waiting for me at my desk this morning from my coworker Jack and his wife Jancey. Jack and Jancey have two beautiful kids: a boy and girl. They left me a very sweet note along with this adorable gift inside... Joe will be so excited! We are already honing Baby boy G's athleticism (with a very fashionable ensemble). Who says I can't have the best of both worlds?! (Just don't expect me to turn into a football/soccer/baseball mom.) :-) 

Until my next post... thanks for reading!

Already a fashionable athlete! Thanks Jack and Jancey!


  1. That's great news, because boys are the best... ask anyone ;)

  2. yea :-) now u can start planning the nursery. Pottery Barn has such cute boy themes :-)

  3. Hi Mireille! I'm so excited for you! And I agree that the future little princess needs a big brother! Ps - is it possible Joe had an in with the first tech so you would really be surprised?! Just teasing :)