Friday, July 8, 2011


I ran to Target on my lunch hour to pick up a few household necessities. While I was there, I stopped by the children's clothing department to enjoy my first experience of buying boy gear. Buried underneath tutus, ribbons, lace and layers of pink girls' clothing were some really cute boy outfits (the ratio of girl to boy clothes is completely disproportionate if you ask me but I'll get to that later.) Anyway, I must admit it was hard to ignore the girls' clothing because it's all just so freaking cute! But alas, I am now strictly in boy mode unless the ultrasound technician says we are having a girl at my next appointment at which point I'll seriously start to question my baby's indecisive anatomy. Lol. 

I did find a few cute items (all on sale thank you very much...) and one adorable outfit that said "Loverboy" for $2!!!! Then it dawned on me: Thank God I AM having a boy. I mean, because the clothing choices are inherently limited for boys, it forces you to stay on a budget. If I were having a girl, I'd seriously consider dipping into my retirement to buy her every cute outfit and accessory I find (which I know is ridiculous and I wouldn't actually do it but I would at least consider it.) HA. So in the end, my heart has grown even more for the baby boy inside me and for now, our savings account will, too.

Check out a few pics from our ultrasound earlier this week. I am 18 weeks along and these pics happen to be 4D (real time shots!) Isn't he so cute??!?! 

Baby boy G at 18 weeks...4D shot

Another 4D shot...


  1. I'm sure we can still find some places to do some retail damage! Remember shopping at the Outlets before Christmas for Miguel's brothers and sisters??

    He is a cutie!


  2. I have already dipped into my retirement fund but, my daughter is always stylin! :) I can't wait to meet Baby Boy Gennaro! I can tell by his first pictures he is going to be a handsome little guy and I can't wait to buy him some super cute outfits!

  3. The retail damage can still be done! A boy dressed in a Burberry polo and True Religion Jeans is sooo adorable! There are many options!! Trust me!

  4. Omg, Lily - you crack me up. I don't even own a Burberry polo and True Religion jeans so I doubt my little one will lol. But, I do love finding things at a bargain, so maybe Baby Boy G will be outfitted in all things designer without my having to dip into savings. :-) Keep the shopping tips coming, girls!