Monday, July 18, 2011

Progress makes perfect

I write today's post with extreme jubilee. Over the last two weeks, I have managed to accomplish a myriad of projects to date (I'd like to say I am ahead of schedule!)
  • Ordered the nursery furniture 
  • De-cluttered our garage to make room for the piles of baby stuff headed our way
  • Cleaned out our closets, again to make room for precious baby loot
  • Painted the nursery (Thanks to Miguel Valecillos and his extreme handy-work prowess. Message me if you need a handyman guru.) And yes, I will post pics once the room is ready to be revealed...
  • Ordered Baby Boy G's very stylish (and affordable!) bedding
  • Started on my registry (Talk about a nightmare. Am I the only person who thinks registering for baby stuff is insufferable?)
  • Began the 'nesting' process... I'm a drill sergeant when it comes to getting things done, especially cleaning the house. Just ask my BFF, Christina Valecillos, who helped me this weekend while her dear hubby painted. Thanks CP! Hope I wasn't too militant!
  • Started stocking up on diapers (they were on sale!)
  • Purchased a diaper bag that I know Joe will be THRILLED to carry! :-) No, seriously. It's black, sleek and is also a designer label, so he shouldn't be embarrassed. I mean, I could have easily gone for the bright dynamo-red diaper bag but considered his ego first (I'm so nice.) By the way, the outlets here in Orlando offer GREAT deals. I got my bag at 70% off!!
So for now, I can relax on the pregnancy to-do timelines. 

This week we are headed to Winnie Palmer for a tour of our delivery hospital. Then next week, it's back to my obstetrician for my monthly check-up. Let's see if I've managed to better 'control' my weight these last four weeks (while trying to feed a growing baby boy, mind you. Is that even possible?)

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  1. I am really amazed with the prep work you're doing. You already started stalking up on Pampers! The room looks great! Post pics of the nursery in progress :)

    Oh and you know I will do anything for you (and a margarita!) Love you!!