Saturday, July 30, 2011

All of the Above

I am officially 22 weeks today and there is no doubt in my appearance that I am pregnant nor are those dubious sensations of "is that gas or the baby moving?" even dubious any longer. As of today and in fact as of week 21, it is certainly fetal movement!

Several of my mommy friends and coworkers had prepared me on what these movements would feel like... "Oh they feel like butterflies in your stomach..." or "It's like a tiny, gentle flutter..."; "A tickling sensation!"; or my personal favorite: "The feeling is like swinging on a swing and as you swing back and forth, you feel a 'drop' in your stomach. And that's it! THAT'S what it feels like." Now that I am experiencing this wild sensation myself, I have to admit, they were all right. It really does feel like all of the above. Sometimes I am so startled by the unexpected movement that I jump or gasp because it is somewhat startling! (But in a good way, obviously.)

Baby Boy G's movements follow somewhat of a pattern. He is 'active' at night. (His timing is impeccable by the way.) Yep, as soon as I lie down to fall asleep, I feel that flutter that reminds me, "Don't forget Mom, only sleep on your left or right side." Yes honey, I am quite aware of the limited sleep positions there are so I don't constrict blood flow to you. The other night the kicks were so punctuated that I had Joe place his hand on my belly and he felt them! The musician jumped up, grabbed one of his classical CDs and placed the headphones on my belly. We couldn't tell if Baby Boy G had a positive or negative response to the sounds of Bach. Only time will tell.

Oftentimes I will feel kicks during the day while I am working, and I appreciate life's little reminder to stop for a moment and relish what's happening. After all, I am growing a miracle!


  1. feeling the baby kick was amazing!

  2. There are only two things I miss about being pregnant: 1)The anticipation of meeting my precious baby girl and 2)Feeling my daughter kick, jab and hiccup all night long. I truly missed feeling that after delivery!

    So glad you guys got to feel Baby G on the move!