Thursday, July 21, 2011


I had a mini-meltdown this morning. I know, I know - what on earth can cause me to break down emotionally during this non-fragile period in my life? I mean, I should be impervious to all things that don't seem to flow splendidly, shouldn't I? Well, the culprit in today's episode was my boobs. Yes, my boobs. I cannot seem to find a bra that adequately 'lifts' and 'supports' my burgeoning boobs while giving me a nice enviable shape underneath my clothes. 

As I was getting dressed, I realized my current set of hideous maternity bras were in the laundry and the only clean maternity bra (which WAS actually a nursing bra from Target) RIPPED as I was putting it on. Great. As if I need another reminder that I am getting BIGGER and nothing FITS. And don't even ask me about my pre-pregnancy bras; they don't even close! (My husband, by the way, is the only one happy about this expansion.) 

So, I relegated to my only known option: wear a sports bra to work.

I hate sports bras. I don't even like to wear them when I am working out (on the rare occasion I actually work out that is.) They provide no lift, compress my boobs resulting in endlessly weird-looking cleavage (not really the look I am going for at the office by the way or any day really), and let's not forget they certainly don't provide any kind of appealing shape underneath clothes. I hate sports bras. The undesired undergarment set the tone for a bad day. And here's why: When you feel good in a fantastic-fitting outfit, good bra, whatever it is, you automatically feel good about yourself. And the same can be said for the contrary. It's a simple equation that most, if not all, women can attest to. So this weekend, I have vowed to myself to find and purchase good-fitting bras that are actually comfortable during this delicate period in my life. Oh by the way, it's virtually impossible to wear a bra with underwire during pregnancy (it's more like suicidal), so on top of all the other factors working against a pregnant woman, you have to forgo underwire - the foundation of any well-fitting bra. But boobies and I will prevail. Anything is better than a sports bra. I'd say "Pics to come of me and my new bra" but that would border if not trample onto inappropriate material. You'll just have to take my word for it. :-)


  1. Go to lane bryant for bras. Seriously pregnant women come in only for bras. We have no wire bras also. They are very comfy. You can also get my discount. Let me know if you want to go to Altamonte. This mishap by the esy

  2. Hi Mireille. That post is from me(micha)

  3. OMG, this post is SO funny! Aww, I hope you found some worthy maternity bras this weekend!!