Monday, October 31, 2011

Yoga Baby

The long-awaited last set of 3D ultrasound images are here! We had our final 3D/4D session on Saturday, October 29th (day 1 of week 35). Julian was NOT cooperative for the first 45 minutes, covering his face with his foot of all things (my coworker is affectionately calling him 'yoga baby' now.) Toward the end of our session, he started to relax and gave us a nice glimpse of his pretty face. Understandably, it's getting more cramped in my uterine hotel, so I can't blame the little guy for inadvertently covering his face with his lower limbs. He can't help it. Nevertheless we enjoyed the session and were happy with the 4D experience all around. 

Enjoy the images of our beautiful and talented yoga baby!

I think at this point his foot was kicking his eye (according to the tech...)
Not sure if that's a good or bad sign.

Yep, that's his foot directly over his forehead!

Crazy yoga pose!

Finally, foot down and face is revealed.

With fingers on the face

What a handsome boy!
My shy guy!
We see you!

He is puckering his!
He's getting tired of the paparazzi.

We'll see you in a few short weeks, Julian!

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  1. He's beautiful! And he might be a kicker for a football team someday!