Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Big Reveal!

Hi faithful followers...

I've been delinquent, I know, but in my defense - or I should say our defense - it's been so incredibly busy. Something about this time of year and compound it with the final weeks of my pregnancy, you can just imagine. I had a lovely baby shower last week (actually I had two of them but will explain in a separate post!) I am currently 33 weeks along...and growing just like my appetite. I went to the doctor last week and everything is going well. Baby Boy G is still movin' and groovin' and now because of his size, cramped quarters and less amniotic fluid around him, I feel EVERYTHING he does. His squirms, pokes and pushes are stronger and more intense. He is currently measuring (according to what the books say) at 4.9 pounds and in produce terms is the size of a pineapple! I am also retaining a lot of fluid (we'll blame my weight gain on fluid retention and pineapple inside) so that is kind of a downer because the fluid retention SHOWS in my feet and ankles among other places. I used to be a narrow 7.5 shoe size and now, who knows. At least 8.5 if I'm lucky! And let's not get started on underwear size... Could I be retaining water in my derrière? Probably not but my expanding waistline among other expanding things has forced me to buy all new underwear. Attention all pregnant women out there - this is the best advice I can give you: INVEST IN 'ONE SIZE FITS ALL' UNDERWEAR. Yes, I know it sounds embarrassing but why not buy underwear that grows with you because your body never stops growing during those nine months and do you really want to be running to the mall every time you need new underwear? It will also get very costly to have to buy underwear that will likely only fit you temporarily. Anyway, it's all part of the territory, so take my advice! My recommendations are in "Pregnancy Products".

So I go back to the doctor next week for another visit and after that I will be on a weekly schedule. It's really getting closer... I'm both ecstatic and terrified at the same time. I mean, in 6 weeks life as we know it will never be the same but I know it will also be so exciting to have him in our lives. I really can't wait to meet Baby Boy G (who now has a name!) and hold him in my arms. Parenthood will bring with it an incredible experience and one that Joe and I will certainly cherish.

And now back to the name...because we can't call him Baby Boy G for the rest of his life, we have decided on the following:

Julian Nash Gennaro!

Julian is the ONLY, I repeat ONLY, name Joe and I could agree on. And Nash is a family name on Joe's side; it's his father's middle name and his paternal grandfather's first name. We both always liked the ring 'Nash' had and felt it would be a solid middle name but found difficulty in finding a first name that worked well with it and equally appealed to us.

Here's to you, Julian Nash! We hope you will love the name as much as we do. We are overjoyed with the thought of meeting you in a few more weeks and can't wait to kiss your beautiful face. So until then, we'll be dreaming of you and your size in produce.

We love you so much!
Mom and Dad

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