Thursday, October 27, 2011

You Okay Down There?

At about this stage of pregnancy, it's very common for pregnant woman to experience Braxton-Hicks contractions or 'practice' contractions where your uterus starts preparing for the big day. While I've had my share of distinct cramping and discomfort, I can't say for sure whether I've officially started feeling these practice moves. Maybe I have; maybe I haven't. Any uncomfortable sensation I've felt up until now has been quickly linked to gastrointestinal discomfort and even ligament stretching. But for the contractions, I really can't say. From what I've been reading, your body actually starts preparing for delivery early on - with Braxton-Hicks starting in the first trimester - although at that point, you certainly wouldn't be able to feel it. For now, maybe it's a good thing I am oblivious to the rehearsal sessions taking place in utero. I mean, while I'm an expert at discerning gas trappings from labor pains, I think trying to discern true labor pains from false labor pains would freak me out. Let's just hope when it comes time for the real thing, there will be no doubt what is happening.

In other pregnancy news, fetal hiccups have become part of our daily routine. It never fails: Every day between 2-3 in the afternoon, I feel rhythmic intervals of bop..bop..bop.. in my belly. They concerned me at first (who am I kidding - everything concerns me), but after reading one form of baby literature after another, I've discovered fetal hiccuping is perfectly normal and some would even venture to say that it is a sign of a healthy baby. And while hiccups may be bothersome for adults, the fetus experiences no discomfort during a hiccuping session. This is all wonderfully reassuring because as a worrisome mother already, you can only imagine the anxiety I was experiencing during these daily - sometimes multiple times a day - rituals. But if they are normal and possibly an indication of a healthy baby, well go on, my son, go on with the rhythmic bops. Anything to keep you healthy.

Week 34! No rhythmic bops in this shot.

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