Friday, September 23, 2011

Who's Movin' and Groovin'?

The baby is.

I certainly am not; I don't have the agility to move and groove these days. I have a hard enough time trying to walk in a straight line, but dear Baby Boy G sure likes to kick and punch and roll around. I told Joe the other night that his rolling feels like spiders crawling inside my uterine hotel. I know - not the most whimsical description - but it is the most accurate! It didn't always feel like a spider crawl but at this point, with his current size and pattern of movements, that is the best description to equate it to. I'm happy to tell him to crawl on! I have no idea if this is a harbinger of how he will behave once he is born (if he will be a mover and a shaker or calm and relaxed). Only time will tell...

Speaking of time, today is the end of week 29 if you can believe it! After this, only 10 weeks to go before we meet our handsome young love. This weekend, I am going to start decorating the nursery - just a few accent pieces here and there - nothing too intense. Our custom-ordered rocker arrives today! Once everything is set up in Baby Gennaro's haven, I will post pictures.

And speaking of pictures, here I am dutifully documenting my ever-growing belly. 

Week 29...getting big!

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