Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look at That Face!

Our little boy is growing up! We went for our second 4D session on Saturday, September 10th (week 28/day one of third trimester!) At first he was cooperative, showing his face and even made a few facial expressions that only a proud mother would be so eager to share with others! But toward the end, he started covering his face and giving us his bee-hind. Perhaps it was his way of saying, "Ok this show is over."

So sweet...

Look at that grin!

"God they are so loud out there."


"All right, NOW I'm getting pissed."

Calm again

"Ok I'm getting sleepy..."

"Mom and Dad, you are SO embarrassing."

Whom do you think I look like more?

Hope you love the pics as much as we do! We will go back in about a month for our final 4D session. And then after that, it's the face to face meeting.

12 weeks to go...12 weeks to go...12 WEEKS TO GO! (And please Baby Boy G, don't check out of my uterine hotel before 12 weeks.)


  1. He's adorable! I can't wait to meet him in person! :)

  2. I think he looks like you Mireille. Sorry Joe! Guess we'll see in 11 weeks :)