Monday, November 14, 2011

The Waiting Game

Well faithful followers, I have officially said goodbye to the office and am now working from home until it's go-time. These last few days have undoubtedly slowed me down; back pain has taken the lead in the list of pregnancy annoyances and to be quite honest, I don't really want to be outside the house in the event labor kicks in (as in, when my water breaks or contractions begin).

I had my final ultrasound this morning (November 14th) to identify the baby's presentation, to gauge his weight and to make sure all looks good. Right now, Baby Julian is head down and face down (the ideal position). It was hard to distinguish much from the ultrasound just because at this stage, babies are so big that you can't really decipher what you see on screen. Example, at one point I thought we were looking at his face and when I asked the technician, she giggled and said, "No that's his heart." LOL. Oops. The technician also estimates that he currently weighs 7 pounds and 14 ounces, but that's just her estimate and is not 100% accurate.

I won't lie -- I am getting extremely nervous. I think it's the anticipation of when labor will begin. I'm a planner (schedules and checklists excite me), so this state of unpredictability is driving me nuts. I'd love to know when things will get started, but alas, it's just not how this works. The bags are packed, anxiety has taken up permanent residence, and now it's a waiting game with Julian in the lead. Tomorrow (November 15th - 37 weeks 3 days) is my next doctor's appointment. We'll see if I have dilated any further and what his predictions are for the big arrival!


  1. Wow the time has flown by! I can't believe it's almost time for Baby Julian's arrival!

    Your post certainly brings back memories! One of my biggest fears was that my water would break in a public place. Or in bed, so I prepared for that with a waterproof mattress pad. Neither happened. Lol. Enjoy your time home. I was also very nervous/scared. You'll be in good hands at Winnie! You're going to be an AMAZING mom!

  2. Thank you Michele! It's good to hear when other mothers can say they felt the same way in the days/weeks leading up to the big day.