Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Celebrating our six-month old! Wait, WHAT?

My how life has changed... it's been more than two months since my last blog post. Every day I tell myself, "I need to blog so I can keep everyone updated." But the actual desire is outweighed by the reality. There is no time to boast about Julian's latest development or broadcast to the world how smiley he is (unless you are on Facebook and then you get daily updates.) :-)

As of today he is 6 months old. Already half a year old and every day he develops new abilities and changes by the minute.

We were given the go-ahead at his four-month checkup to start him on solids. Like a true gourmand, he hated the blandness of rice cereal and oatmeal but was more inclined to savor the taste of bananas and sweet potatoes. Joe bought me a Beaba baby food maker for Christmas, which I will be trying out this week.

Julian's also started teething. He's been teething for a while now - all the indications are there: excessive drooling, chewing and sucking on anything and everything from our hands to his burp cloth. If it's within his reach, it's in his mouth.

Also at his four-month checkup, he weighed 17.1 pounds and 26.25 inches and was still within the 90th percentile for height and weight. Big boy! By now, I'm sure he's at least 20 pounds (if not more) and probably 27 inches (if not more). Pretty soon we'll have to move him into a larger car seat, but I'm hoping I can prolong that transition (highly unlikely).

We also have a singer on our hands. Julian seems to be finding his voice, squealing, screaming, singing and wailing all day, every day. It's the cutest sound but we recently realized his intermittent coughing is probably caused by all that screeching. His poor esophagus is most likely scratched!

Enjoy some pics until the next update, which hopefully will be before he starts college... :-/ No, seriously, it should be next week after his SIX-month check-up.


Too cool for you

Tummy time and discovery

Dinner time!

A picture of the video monitor...what a guy all sprawled out

Ready for bed!

Sitting up almost unassisted...almost

Future musician

Camera is more interesting than Facebook

Cackling like his father...

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